Validating my cookbook collection, one damn recipe at at a time


You know how on so many recipe blogs, you go to the website looking for a recipe, and the actual recipe itself is buried at the end of a dissertation about the cook’s day and what her husband thought of the recipe or what his sister said that made him come up with it, and you end up scrolling past 16 pictures that look basically the same, like “BLAH BLAH BLAH I’M JUST HERE FOR THE RECIPE, I DON’T CARE ABOUT YOUR JOURNEY.” Isn’t that the worst?

If you agree, you’re gonna fucking hate this blog.
It’s all about the journey.
Because these are not my recipes.
And this isn’t really a recipe blog.

In short*, this site is what happens when a woman looks around and discovers that she has a bunch of cookbooks she’s never actually used as anything more than entertainment or inspiration. So I decided to fix that by making (at least) one damn recipe from each of them — starting from a batch of 30 selected books.

Did you like Julie & Julia? It’s kinda like that, but with a lot less focus.

Hi, I’m Dana DeRuyck. I like to talk a lot (especially about food), I have a lot of cookbooks, and I don’t cook at home as much as I should. This blog is an attempt to tackle all of these issues in one fell swoop and hopefully entertain somebody along the way. Probably you, if you’re one of my friends who find my ramblings and insights delightful — hey boo, love you, appreciate you. Probably not you, if you’re looking for a concise, to-the-point recipe blog — I wish you well.

“Yes, but why should we care what you say about food/anything?”

Ah, yes! I’ve been working as a writer and editor for a popular food and lifestyle website for roughly a decade, and I’m the co-host of the podcast Foodie Parlour. I’ve been messing around with food since I was a kid, and have been talking people’s ears off about it since that one Speech Team bus ride where I’m fairly certain I yakked at Chris Kaergard about food for a good 2 hours**. And the reason you should listen is that I’m passionate, fairly knowledgable, and occasionally amusing.


* In long, it’s this.
** Sorry, Chris.