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It’s OK If You Really Don’t Have Time. (Plus, a bit of news)

It’s OK If You Really Don’t Have Time. (Plus, a bit of news)

This is me letting myself off the hook for the week.

My apartment is in a state of chaos; the kind of chaos that ensues when a single woman lives alone, works a full-time job and splits her free time between her passion projects, and is doing her best to stay healthy which means a good deal of sleep, exercise, and cooking/food prep. And since no one is around to see it (or become infuriated by it), the chaos persists and builds. The small patches of time I dedicate to fighting back the ensuing chaos are fully outmatched by the always-rising tide of new mess. One of the stress dreams I had last night was about the mess in my kitchen.

Tonight is the only time this week that I have free for this blog, and I’m going to spend it chatting with you briefly, taking care of a couple very urgent passion-project tasks, and then cleaning my goddamn kitchen.

The impetus behind the blog is that most of us feel like cooking HAS to be some big momentous occasion, especially if we’re making something from an actual cookbook. It requires time, forethought, ideally guests of some sort — to which I say PAH! PAH, I SAY! HARUMPH! PSHAW!

At the same time, if you legitimately Just Don’t Fucking Have Time — or even if you have the time but what you really need is a damn break — THAT’S OKAY TOO.

I’m giving me permission and I’m giving you permission to blow something off if you can, if that’s what you need more.

(I also have an occasion that I need to bake for later this week, and I really need to reset my kitchen to a workable state before I do so.)

BUT before I go, the bit of fun news is… I’ve got a new podcast on the way! Yes, it’s about food; yes, you’ll hear all about it soon; yes, I need yet another outlet in which to talk about food because I’m just that insufferable. More info coming very, very soon!

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