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HEALTHY-ASS JANUARY #1: Fajita Beef Skillet — Whole30 Fast & Easy

HEALTHY-ASS JANUARY #1: Fajita Beef Skillet — Whole30 Fast & Easy

“What the shit is this shit?” you might be saying to yourself right now.
Yeah, I missed you too.

It’s a whole new damn year, and yes, like everyone else right now, I’m trying to overcorrect from my terrible holiday habits and bend them back into those of a healthy adult woman. Vegetables! Protein! Nary a cookie in sight! All that usual January crap!

And thus, we’re taking a brief detour from our regularly scheduled cookbook lineup, and we’re making some health food. Because, let’s be real, my body just can’t handle the way I’ve been living, y’all. Sooo…

Oh yeah, happy 2019! 😜

The Assignment: Fajita Beef Bowl from The Whole30 Fast & Easy: 150 Simply Delicious Everyday Recipes for Your Whole30 by Melissa Hartwig

No, I’m not currently doing Whole30, but I am currently in the midst of a healthy living competition that requires pretty clean eating, so I figured the trusty book I picked up last year when I DID Whole30 might be of some help. (If you want to read more about THAT, check out To Health With This, the blog wherein my friend Donnelle and I took on the challenge and documented our way through it.)

But though the book was very good at inspiring meals here and there, I maaaaaaybe actually made one thing almost as written in the book. And since I’m scrambling for good-for-me stuff, why not revisit?

“Dana, what’s Whole30?” Oh, for real? For anyone who’s somehow dodged hearing about this in the last few years, Melissa Hartwig developed this plan around eating nothing but natural foods for 30 days… among other restrictions. (No beans? No yogurt? No oatmeal? GIRL, those are my healthy staples.) When I did it, my biggest takeaways were “my body hates sugar” and “left to my own devices, I will put mayo on just about anything.”

But I digress.

The Recipe (directly from the book, which you should buy):

Things to Note About the Recipe:
There’s not much to warn you about here. It’s a nice easy recipe that’s suitable for a multi-person meal or to make and divvy up into meal-prep style boxes that you can post to Instagram with #mealprep #fitfam #healthylifestyle #doesthiscanceloutthepintoficecreamiatetwodaysago etc. Because this healthy challenge thing I’m doing is big on hitting the portions of things right, I cooked the beef and peppers/onions separately, and split up the seasoning between them as I cooked — worked just fine!

One thing I will say: Do NOT skimp on the lime juice. YES you need it, and YES the fresh stuff makes a difference. I tasted it before and was like “Ehhh, it’s like it’s missing something.” YEAH, it was missing dat acid, and it makes all the difference. (Sidebar: I finally allowed myself to buy new cookbooks for Christmas, and among them is Salt Fat Acid Heat which I’ve been wanting for AGES. Also, if you haven’t watched the Netflix series of the same name, get on it; it’s all amazing, but the Acid episode is goddamn symphonic to my brain.)

And also add salt to taste.



How did it taste?

Good! Fresh, savory, nothing explosive or mind-blowing, but for a clean-eating recipe, it’s yummy.

Would I make this again?

Yeah, sure! Am I probably going to mix some brown rice in with the cauliflower rice because I’m not doing Whole30 and brown rice is awesome and good for you? Yah, for sure.

Do I recommend this cookbook?

I do. If you’re the type who either has no idea where to start with this kind of clean eating, or just needs a bunch of simple ideas so that you can stop overcomplicating things in your head and follow a damn recipe (*waves*), you’ll be into this collection.

What’s the next recipe I want to make from this book?

The Pan-Seared Steak with Chimichurri Brussels Slaw. Because it’s a step above what I’d do for myself on a regular weeknight but DAAAAAAAAAMN.


And that’s it! One Damn Recipe is BACK, we’re getting healthy AF over here — because we can’t let the rest of the world get all fit and stuff without us — and we’re getting our asses back into the kitchen to use our cookbooks, one damn recipe at a time.

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  • YESSSSSS you know how I feel about Whole30 Fast & Easy. <3 I would never have guessed in a million years I'd fall in love with a healthy cookbook, but here we are! This one will always be in my regular rotation.

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