Validating my cookbook collection, one damn recipe at at a time

ODR Updates: Shorter Posts, Social Media Boom & More

ODR Updates: Shorter Posts, Social Media Boom & More

Just a heads-up on a few new developments that have recently been made in the One Damn Recipe world…

  • ODR now has an official Instagram feed — click here to follow onedamnrecipe! (I created the account a couple weeks back because I didn’t want anyone to take the handle while I was dicking around, taking my time, and apparently 42 of my lovely friends are already following despite the current lack of content. If you’re one of those people, I friggin love you._
  • ODR also now has that Facebook group! (Click and request to join; I’ll let ya in.) Why? Several of you have been like “OMG, I have all these cookbooks at home that I’ve never cooked from either — I totally relate to all of this!” Well, sweetlings, now if you want some extra kicks in the pants to get going yourself, join this group! Post the books and foods you make (or really want to make once you have the time), and you’ll be met with an ass-ton of support from however many like-minded people there are in the group. Even if it’s just me, I will support you.
  • Pending some loving constructive criticism, the posts on ODR moving forward will be more concise so that you don’t need to dedicate a long-read amount of time to each damn recipe. (And if you ever have notes, comments, etc., I’m open to hearing them. Hell, I’m figuring this out as I go, people.)

And since it’s very nearly fall, hopefully there will be significantly less bitching from me about how hot it is in my kitchen (but no guarantees, since September in SoCal is a goddamn wild card).

So if you like this content and want more — but like, a restrained and edited amount more — subscribe for weekly blog updates, join my Facebook group, follow the new Instagram account, and let’s get through some more damn recipes!

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