Validating my cookbook collection, one damn recipe at at a time

ODR Preview Video: See What’s Next!

ODR Preview Video: See What’s Next!

“Dana, does this mean that you didn’t make a recipe this week?”

Yes, that is precisely what that means.

But I did apologize for it in this video. And in it, I also clue you in on which books and recipes I’ll be tackling in the next few weeks!

“But still, WTF, Dana?”
I know, I know. Shit happens. Life goes on.

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“But you always post about it on social media, so why do I have to–”
OK, fine, then pretty please subscribe to my blog because it makes me feel fancy and special and less like I’m shouting into the void.

Thank you for reading. It really does mean a whole dang lot to me.

(And yes, I hear the Swedish Chef’s voice in my head when I look at that picture above as well.)

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