Validating my cookbook collection, one damn recipe at at a time



Hello! Welcome!

*quietly sobs into own hands*

No, I’m really excited to be launching this site. But I’m currently battling my external hard drive, which took a licking and no longer appears to be ticking/readable by my computer. This distresses me greatly considering I just moved my entire iMovie Library onto there, along with all of my photos for the website and countless other photo and video files. So I’m currently sitting with the possibility of a) all those files being lost or b) paying hundreds of dollars to get them back.

And while my instinct in this situation was initially to postpone this official launch and wait until I can add more photos to the site and put up the video I’ve been working on all week (*wail of anguish*), I’ve been sitting on this project long enough.

So let’s just take it as a teachable moment:
It’s never going to be perfect.
That new thing you just started up is never going to be the swanky idealized version in your head. You have to get there gradually. Launch before you’re ready, improve as you learn, and don’t let unreasonable expectations for yourself prevent you from doing the thing at all.

(she said to herself)

Also, don’t leave your li’l external hard drive plugged in, then pick up your laptop, forgetting it’s still attached, and let it bang against your dresser as it dangles by its cord, swinging like HarddriveTarzan Squarepants.


Additionally, we lost a titan of the food-writing world yesterday, Jonathan Gold. With the loss of Anthony Bourdain still sitting so raw, having Jonathan taken from us as well feels especially cruel. So, making sure that I don’t let myself off the hook and further put off launching my own food-writing endeavor feels like the right thing to do.

It’s a hard time right now. Peril feels as if it’s looming in a macro and micro sense — we’re each in trouble, and we’re collectively in trouble. Though food can seem like a shallow comfort in the face of Real World Problems and considering one’s one mortality, we do deserve comfort… so how bad can enjoying some food be?

At the same time, we’re all at risk of losing touch with each other in a grounded and human way. The internet and social media have somehow isolated us more from one another, even as it serves to connect us more. But we don’t have to let it; we CAN use it to really remain connected. Communication is vital to community.

I’m trying to justify for myself that writing about food isn’t frivolous. And it’s not. Food nourishes our bodies and our spirits. Enjoying it with other people can increase happiness and camaraderie. Talking to other people, sharing your experiences and opinions, brings all of us closer — and what’s more universal of an experience than that of eating?

Sure, everybody poops, but they’ve gotta eat first.

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